Delivery Policy

Our staff at work hard to ensure a quick and seemless process.  While we do take a percentage from each transactiion, we are sure that we work for it.  We obsorb the transaction costs and have a strong well trained staff.   We personally speak with each provider to ensure they are qualified and able to perform the services they choose to do.  Our accounting staff meticulously go over each transaction to ensure both the user and provider have been properly charged/compensated.  Our current rate is 22%

It is essential for our service providers to have appropriate equipment and to perform services safely for themselves and those needing help. 

There a few other tips we would like to suggest to make recieving services quick and simple. 

1.  Change your profile picture to an image of your vehicle.  This will help a provider know what type of vehicle to look for.

2.  When a transaction is complete, please use the rating system so we know how things went.

3.  In each zone there will be an area monitor.  This will be a provider who has a good rating and is a very active provider.  These monitors are responsible for some leadership roles with users and providers.  They are also compensated for thier role.

This app is an ever evolving and changing system.  While trying to stay within the parameters of the industry, we also stretch those boundries by attemping to be the "first to know".  This gives the alerted provider a head start to any incidents, thus reducing the need for "racing" to an accident.  There will be no need for conflict when a service provider arrives as they will be first in scene.