Premium Service

Accident/Premium Service

Only available for a limited amount of tow vehicles to better the chances of an accident call.  A wait list will be created when an area is full.

*NOTE*  After being alerted to an accident, doesnt take a percentage.  The amount you receive from a client at a collision is none of our concern.  The alert is the only thing we are concerned with.  Making sure you are setup to receive alerts and that you thank the person who sent you the alert if you ended up getting the hook.

Our Accident/Premium serving notifies local operators of a colision nearby.  In addition, operators will recieve a text message of a disabled vehicle is near them.

This service is premium and while we continue to build our control center we have decided to offer this service at a very low rate of $25 for 12months (extreemly limited time offer).  This is a limited service based on a first come first served basis and attempts to reduce overlap in the same area.  The low price is available while the control center refines its resources.  The price offered above will be honoured for the 12 months.  Each Tow Operator must contact us at and request to be considered for this opportunity.  Please include area of service and typical waiting location.  *Note:  You must be operating a legal tow vehicle properly licenced in the area you serve.

Helping-hand has a few ways to notify applicable tow operators of collisions near them.

All drivers who are part of this service acknowledge that they are bound by the licence requirements of the region and drive a tow vehicle that is licensed for commercial purposes.

1.  Users have an option to notify nearby tow trucks of a collision that they are involved in or see.  The Driver who accepts the call responds and attempts to hook a vehicle involved.  

2.  Helping-hand is working on and updating a control center to monitor traffic activity.  This control center is monitored 24hr/day and utilizes several sources of information to gather and distribute accident information to eligible premium drivers.

Drivers who are part of the premium service agree to thank the person who informed them with a monetary gift of $150 for light vehicles and $300 for heavy.  Helping-Hand does take a commisssion from this transfer for admin purposes.


About the control center.

Our control center uses several methods to monitor traffic incidents.  The goal is not only to alert Tow Operators of an incident but to alert first responders to an emergency when appropriate.  This center is monitored 24hrs/day and will continue to increase in size and ability.  This early expansion is the reason fo the extreemly low annual rate.  It is expected to be significantly higher as more staff, sources and equipment is needed to fullfill the goals.